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Clean protection  Enhance power

Lower ash   Reduce abrasion | Improve friction   Enhance power | Stable performance Lasting protection

This product is specially designed for light-load gas engine with a lower ash value,which Can significantly reduce the production of metal salt deposits, Avoid abnormal abrasion of the parts, Help to extend the service life of the spark plug, And help to improve the engine power

Innovative technology:

Dynamic zinc technology

Dynamic zinc technology is specially designed by 3E Lubrication Technology Laboratory against  the clearness of Soot, sludge oil, varnish and other pollutants Clear of the engine, by the double net force activity factor added by zinc ions,the tech can play a super clean washing performance and dispersion performance,then Disperse and removed various types of pollutants ,meanwhile it can form a Powerful molecules film in the surface of engine parts, bringing the engine lasting cleaning effects.

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