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Franchise Application

Application for cooperation in the operation of the four seasons Chain Project


Application date:(Formats such as xxxx-xx-xx)



School calendar:


Post series:

Date of birth:(Formats such as xxxx-xx-xx)



Photo of applicant:

Company name:

Registered capital:

Number of personnel:

Company address:

ID number:

Business license number:

Tax registration number:

A photo:

Store photo:

Application to join the region:

Urban population:Million, of which the resident populationMillion,Floating populationMillion,Per capita annual incomeYuan

Operation fund:Million yuan

Vehicle configuration:Car,Respectively(Models)

Warehouse area:area,Annual rentMillion yuan

Terminal network:A

Full-time sales staff:People

Operating mode:And joint(Number of shareholders)People

There is no operation over other brands: