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Affiliate qualification

Lung Poon Four Seasons chain project operator, must meet the following conditions:
1, in the Area of commercial vehicles repair and maintenance industry has a solid foundation channels.
Under the same conditions, the international lubricants brand dealers, commercial vehicle parts dealer, KLS auto priority.
2, in a region where there is professional development, marketing, operation and maintenance personnel. Team members shall not be less than 1 person / 10 shop.
Such as: planning and development in the market Longpan 50 Four Seasons chain franchisee, the team is responsible for the number of persons shall not be less than 5 people.
3. Other requirements:

Regional Operations Operation qualification Allocation of resources
Whether corporatization Total sales requirements Operating funds (million) Vehicle configuration Storage Requirements Terminal outlets Full-time sales staff
Prefecture-level city It is Local population * 2 yuan The total sales volume of 25%  1 car / three counties More than 200 square meters More than 200  1/2 counties 
Capital city It is More than 500 square meters More than 300